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P.S.#1:   I happen to think that the late George Carlin (May 12, 1937 - June 22, 2008) was not only a genius, but a true visionary. What I would give for him to be here today to give his take on the state of our affairs. The political nonsense alone would make for an HBO special!

P.S.#2:  You will note that from time to time I will change the link to where you will be directed when you click on my baby picture...a mere reflection of my interest changes, and not because anyone has paid for the click/link.


Those political donors who have a total net worth of enough millions to not have their quality of life or standard of living be financially effected by a downturn in the nation's or world's economy.

BILL'S: = Those political donors who obviously do not have to ever concern themselves about downturns in any economy, as they and their heirs will survive for decades even if they no longer earned any income.

CITIZENS UNITED: = Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 50 (2010), is a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court, which held that the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by corporations and unions. The nonprofit corporation Citizens United wanted to air a film critical of Hillary Clinton and to advertise the film during television broadcasts in apparent violation of the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (commonly known as the McCain–Feingold Act or "BCRA"). In a 5–4 decision, the Court held that portions of BCRA §203 violated the First Amendment.

The decision reached the Supreme Court on appeal from a July 2008 decision by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Section 203 of BCRA defined an "electioneering communication" as a broadcast, cable, or satellite communication that mentioned a candidate within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary, and prohibited such expenditures by corporations and unions. The lower court held that §203 of BCRA applied and prohibited Citizens United from advertising the film Hillary: The Movie in broadcasts or paying to have it shown on television within 30 days of the 2008 Democratic primaries. The Supreme Court reversed, striking down those provisions of BCRA that prohibited corporations (including nonprofit corporations) and unions from spending on "electioneering communications".

The decision overruled Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce (1990) and partially overruled McConnell v. Federal Election Commission (2003). The Court, however, upheld requirements for public disclosure by sponsors of advertisements (BCRA §201 and §311). The case did not involve the federal ban on direct contributions from corporations or unions to candidate campaigns or political parties, which remain illegal in races for federal office.

#1. Empathy
(The ability to understand and share the feelings of another, i.e., accepting emotional literacy as a life tool.)

  1. When did we, as a society/culture, decide that empathy was a weakness?
  2. Why do so many think or tolerate that selfish and rude behavior are necessary or acceptable when it comes to our interaction with others?
  3. What happened to common courtesies?

EVERY day should be a learning experience!

1. "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." by Stephen Covey

2. "Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. They're either speaking or preparing to speak. They're filtering everything through their own paradigms, reading their autobiography into other people's lives." by Stephen Covey

3. "Until we take how we see ourselves (and how we see others) into account, we will be unable to understand how others see and feel about themselves and their world. Unaware, we will project our intentions on their behavior and call ourselves objective."  by Stephen Covey

   I suggest that, on many levels, we have lost our way as a society....much of it a result over poorly crafted "emotional literacy" from a very early age. [1] Some would suggest that we are evolving and the times dictate our behavior and standards. Frankly, I do not buy such arguments, and consider them to be lacking substance and honest self-evaluation. Entertaining ourselves (often through superficial distractions or distortions of reality, e.g., video games; reality shows; Facebook; twitter; and a host of social media sources [2]) has reached levels of excess that have caused us to cast aside dignity, honesty, humility and a host of positive attributes. They've been traded in for the likes of such titles as arrogance, self-indulgence, narcissism, and a list too long to include herein. Caring for others in any meaningful way has become highly negotiable rather than sincere emotion, and relationship development has thereby suffered, thus both have become footnotes in our lives, rather than characteristics or topics worthy of our focused attention and aspiration.

My friends, we have entered a pseudo "Alpha-Power State" of general behavior and discourse, where much of the social discourse is mapped out in a manner that forms engagement with others based on the level of one's agenda and/or preconceived view of what is or is not acceptable to achieve one's objective. We are starting to see more studies and research being focused on the "alpha" trait [3], although it is still primarily directed towards male behavior, often with the exception of woman in total. I use "pseudo" to denote that many are not actually "alphas," but instead persons with an over-active sense of entitlement, coupled with less than adequate social skills...a combination that will often result in repeated episodes of behavioral indiscretions, e.g., bluffed aggression, unbalanced responses, poor choice selection, unrealistic goals, cruel exchanges with others, gratuitous vulgarity, even bully tactics...all of which are underlying factors in this "new" and still evolving image of man/woman.

I do not have most of the answers, but I am in search of them, with observation being one of my primary tools. THINK about it. What is your contribution?

[1]  What is Emotional Literacy?
EMOTIONAL LITERACY is the ability to recognize, understand and appropriately express our emotions. Just as verbal literacy is the basic building block for reading and writing, emotional literacy is the basis for perceiving and communicating emotions. Becoming emotionally literate is learning the alphabet, grammar and vocabulary of our emotional lives.

Emotions are an integral part of human nature. Through emotions we respond to life in many different ways -- with anger, happiness, fear, love and loneliness. Emotions influence our thoughts and actions; they inspire our needs; they affect our bodies and impact on our relationships.

Many of the problems in modern society are due, at least in part, to people being unable to understand and appropriately express emotion. Emotional Literacy is a preventive tool, which properly understood, can help solve many social ills -- violence, illness, drug abuse, dysfunctional relationships, and global societal conflicts.

On the other hand, people who deal with emotions in a positive way find tremendous benefit. Emotional Literacy can contribute to health, to positive relationships, to success, and to quality of life.

[2]  I am not anti-social media - that too would be an unreasonable excess and just dumb. What I am saying is that having "800 friends" who you will never really know, nor with whom you will have shared life's experiences is NOT the definition of "friend" and certainly nothing close to a meaningful friendship. At best these are acquaintances, several times removed, and the near equivalent of seeing many of the same people each day on the train or bus as you go to work or school...after a period of time many of you will share a glance of acknowledgment, perhaps even a hello - BUT you are NOT friends, and there is no realistic "connection" with those parties.

[3 The Alpha Male Syndrome (Why alpha males? What about alpha females?) tinyurl.com/77k87ra Make no mistake: the world needs alpha males. When used appropriately, their courage, confidence, tireless energy, and fighting spirit make them natural leaders in competitive situations. The trouble comes when they use their exceptional strengths inappropriately or carry them to such extremes that they turn into tragic flaws: their confidence becomes arrogance, their toughness becomes belligerence, and their competitiveness becomes a fight to the death in which even teammates are seen as rivals that have to be vanquished.  Unfortunately for many alpha males, what works in a jungle or on a battlefield - or during a genuine crisis - is not always appropriate in today's business environment.  Nowadays, leaders are expected to do more than command and control; they're called upon to motivate, inspire, teach, communicate, and model integrity and personal growth. Such skills do not come naturally to most alpha males, and those who fail to develop them are increasingly out of place.

#2. Are we a Gullible Society?


The "why" is less complicated than we wish to appreciate, i.e., there are countless opportunities we ignore:
- we know most politicians lie to us;
- we know they abuse their power;
- we vote against our interest;
- we know corporations are about profits, not good deeds;
- we should know that "WE" are the "job creators," NOT politicians or corporations...our need to consume makes ALL of the wheels go round;
- we don't know what socialism, capitalism or communism really are...we just know the words, and we mouth them like dummies being manipulated by a ventriloquist;
- we tolerate homelessness as long as it isn't us;
- we tolerate injustice as long as it isn't us;
- we permit ourselves to be rationed news and fed entertainment disguised as news;
- we love war, until it starts to get too expensive;
- we think the word hero should apply to anything done by anybody that gets attention (even when it is that person's job and they do not do anything  beyond the scope of their job description, e.g., a fireman saves a family from perishing in their home during a fire by pumping water on flames so they could escape - a commendable deed for sure, but hero? A fireman saves a family from perishing in their home as he battles flames and falling beams to drag each out - each at greater peril to himself - that's a HERO.;
- we misuse "words" without accepting the consequences of the misuse, and how it erodes context and understanding;
- we do not read about issues, instead we trust that "they" and their spokespersons will explain it accurately;
- we respond to fear rather than facts;
- we embrace unacceptable attitudes & positions, just as long as our leaders say it's the right approach;
- we refuse to accept that racism, homophobia, sexism and other harmful biases exist far more than we tell pollsters;
- we rely on religion to be the underpinning of our society, rather than common decency, regardless of belief or non-belief;
- we are clueless to what any particular politician's job description actually is;
- we are too caught up in what we think we are entitled to, thus missing the point of our existence in society;
- we have loss the understanding of what true courtesy is all about;

In a nutshell, we are to educated for the wrong reasons and in the wrong fields, i.e., what ever happened to regular folks, e.g., trades persons such as plumbers, brick layers, electricians, even vegetable & fruit pickers, maintenance workers, maids, etc.? It seems that our "entitlement" state of mind has declared most of this work beneath us. Instead we raise our children to be corporate raiders, Wall St. brokers, millionaires at any cost, loud mouth critics, bloggers, internet mavericks, etc. Too many aspire to be less than ordinary, thus the balance of ordinary has been thrown out of sync and we've become malcontents due to the let downs that delusional thinking usually offers. We forgot that ALL babies aren't cute, ALL kids aren't smart, ALL people aren't nice, and ALL jobs aren't meant to be fun. Instead we look for quick fixes and endless meaningless distractions to get us by, while we maintain the perfect level of "political correctness" to adapt to our immediate surroundings. We've become a pack of liars at best and a VERY mentally unhealthy nation at worst.

I'd love to hear some counter arguments.

Where's George Carlin when we need him?

#3. Are we ready for a society COMPLETELY controlled by Mill's & Bill's?

First, permit me to define what we are at risk of experiencing in America. Make NO mistake, this is not an exaggeration, particularly since the Citizens United decision. What is it called? What am I suggesting?

May I present to you the word OLIGARCHY - let's spell it O-L-I-G-A-R-C-H-Y. Now get used to hearing it, because we're almost there, thanks to the US Supreme Court's radical Right-Wing. In fact, this year will be the biggest test of their radicalism and intent.

Oligarchy (from Greek á½€λιγαρχία (oligarkhía); from á½€λίγος (olígos), meaning "a few", and ἄρχω (archo), meaning "to rule or to command") is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people. These people could be distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, education, corporate, or military control. Such states are often controlled by a few prominent families who pass their influence from one generation to the next.

Did you know that aprox. 99% of Americans do NOT donate money to political campaigns? Don't take my word for it - here's the video, compliments of Rachel Maddow www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/vp/47654522#47654522 who has the charts/graphics to prove it.

So, if you like unions or not, what is absolutely clear (by the numbers) is if Americans support the GOP in this election in particular (and I suggest for some time to come) it will signal a mandate to these extremist and corporatist to kill the unions, hence YOU will no longer have a voice at the table of government on many levels. Exaggeration? Not hardly! If anything, an understatement.

The GOP is counting on the vast majority of YOU to NOT pay attention or read (e.g., the Ryan Plan; who's running for local office in your community, etc.) in order for them to finally turn this whole thing over to their TRUE masters - the Oligarchs, for whom they actually work.

Yes my friends, this is in fact a "representative government," however, Americans have proven to the people they elect that (usually by doing so with less scrutiny than they give to buying a cup of coffee) they don't care about details and they TRUST their judgement most of the time. Such foolhardy trust is exactly what the authors of our Constitution was trying to warn us about and protect us from.

Personally I think America has been lucky for much longer than most countries, i.e., having such a largely ignorant populace not have already been subjugated by Oligarchs is just short of miraculous. As long as we are "entertained" and "distracted" we seem to be content enough to miss the BIG picture. Oh yeah...and we no longer read or are curious about what makes things tick - YPB's. It reminds me of a comment made in a movie I saw...one of the characters addressed a group of people as "you poor bastards." Americans (Amercia if you're a Romney fan) have drank the cool-aid indeed. Frankly, it's sickening because it didn't have to be this way...we actually worked (against our interest) at getting to NOW.

#4. Paul Krugman?

Do you even know who he is? You should, then you'll understand why the Ryan Plan (endorsed by Mitt Romney ) is an exploitive "agenda seeking" disaster.

Simply read this article http://www.salon.com/2012/06/02/paul_krugman_european_celebrity/singleton// if you wish to understand WHY we need to stop drinking anyone's Kool-Aid and start demanding REAL solutions.

Here's his Blog: http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/

#5. A Sign of the Times or Just Life?

The enemy of my enemy could be my friend; BUT, the enemy of my friend can never be my friend.

#6. What is passing for "NEWS" these days?

What are we accepting as "NEWS?" www.commondreams.org/view/2012/06/09-2

#7. Put an end to religious quackery in America by educating yourself.
A "quack" is a person who dishonestly claims to have special knowledge and skill in some field, e.g., preachers, self-appointed religion police & faux historians, religious zealots)

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(click graphic for entire article)

#8. Paul Ryan (the FlimFlam Man)

QUESTIONS before I flip my lid!

1. Has our citizenry lot their minds?

2. Have they decided that the Kool Aid is just too tempting NOT to drink?

3. Have they been so dumb-downed that voting against their own interest has become the norm?

4. Have they become victims of the Stockholm Syndrome?

5. Have they actually followed the actual plans and patterns of the GOP?

NOTE: This is what happens when a society gets over-educated, over-indulged, over-entitled, over-entertained and under-informed ALL at the same time. RESULT - Educated fools with opinions that do not make sense and have NO factual foundation to rely upon as a true compass.

A must read by Dr. Paul Krugman

#9. Is Mitt Ryan a criminal? Perhaps his tax returns would answer that question?
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The Health Insurance Industry has a trick I was unfamiliar with until a few days ago! Aetna can avoid Denying you coverage, and make you ineligible for all Pre-existing condition insurance pools by calling the the status of your application "Closed." SEE: graphic (persons name was removed). PCIP coverage pools require you have been denied coverage by a regular carrier before they will accept you.

The graphic says you can reapply AFTER your procedure, treatment or test that have been recommended by a doctor. THAT'S the BIG LIE folks. In this particular case, this person was with Aetna for years and spent tens of thousands with them (employee coverage & personal after retiring at 55yo). His mistake was he was traveling and missed paying by 1 day after the 30 day grace period. These heartless bastards said tuff luck reapply. So he waited a while (months since he felt fine, then reapplied) - their answer is in the graphic.

BTW: They knew that he has a chronic condition which will require treatments and testing for the rest of his life, so reapplying is NOT a legitimate option for him and they know it. Any bad faith lawyers out there who want this case? Email me for contact info. This guy is in his 60's now and stuck because they refuse to formally Deny him and PCIP requires a Denial Letter before he can sign up with them.

THIS is just ONE example as to why we need Medicare for ALL in America. If you have friends in Europe or the UK (as I do) they will tell you that we Americans are being lied to about their systems of healthcare. I have wealthy friends in the UK and France who can afford to fly here for our "best" treatments, but prefer their system and are doing just fine (e.g., cancer, heart valve bypass, etc.).

Wake up America and get these crooks (NewGangsters) out of the health business. There are plenty lives, homes, cars, boats, planes and trains they can insure BUT get them out of making decisions about our health care.


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WAKE UP AMERICA...before it's too...and...



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